(Re)discover Originality

Sometimes originality is found 9.000 kilometres due east

Discovering and refining individuality will become increasingly important for people and organisations. This is where more emotional connections, such as aesthetics and narratives, will be necessary.

Bo Linnemann

in Forbes Japan 2022

Originality. Something we’re reminded of every time we travel to Japan. To visit our sister office in the vibrant Jingumae district in Tokyo and catch up with our colleagues and collaborators.

Furthermore, it’s something we continuously strive for.

Its presence in Danish and Japanese design is unmistakable, which is also one of the reasons we chose Tokyo as the new home of Kontrapunkt back in 2015. Although geographically distant, the two countries share many similarities: a love of understated design, meticulous attention to detail and a rich tradition of craftsmanship.

And the distance has only made our hearts grow fonder. Since the founder of Kontrapunkt, Bo Linnemann, first travelled to Japan in 1999, the country and culture have grown on us and have certainly played an essential role in shaping Kontrapunkt as a company.

With Bo Linnemann recently having the pleasure of listening and learning from the Japanese design tradition yet again, we’re reminiscing on our shared experiences and encounters – new as well as old – almost 9.000 kilometres due east.

The interview with Forbes Japan was conducted back in Spring, but the feelings stay the same. At Kontrapunkt, our relationship with Japan is necessary for our own journey towards continuously rediscovering originality.

So here’s to a long-lasting long-distance relationship and (re)discovering your originality in Tokyo.