Award-winning motion studio “Nothing” joins Kontrapunkt

The union of Kontrapunkt and Nothing equals everything.

Since 2017, Nothing has excelled in visual communication through mesmerising 3D animation, 2D animation, illustrations, motion graphics and content creation. Now, the journey continues as the 4-person team joins Kontrapunkt.

Johan Lawaetz, Chris Leon Juel, Nille Halding & Philip Linnemann

CEO of Kontrapunkt, Johan Lawaetz, is excited to welcome the new colleagues:

For the past year, we have been looking for the right motion design and content capabilities to take our design and storytelling offerings to the next level. With the powerful team at Nothing, we have found what we were looking for; A team of craftsmen and strong storytellers that can elevate our clients' brands and ongoing content from day one.

Johan Lawaetz, CEO Kontrapunkt

Founded by Chris Leon Juel, Nothing has worked for clients like Boston Consulting Group, Ørsted, Specsavers, Danske Spil, IKEA, Novo Nordisk and many more. The legal entity and brand Nothing ApS is phased out as the team joins Kontrapunkt. As a result, the joint client portfolio of Kontrapunkt and Nothing can now expect an expanded range of services under the Kontrapunkt brand providing a more substantial and comprehensive offering.

Chris Leon Juel elaborates:

Our team is very excited to join Kontrapunkt, as we share the same passion for creativity and innovation. With our expertise in motion design, we are excited to integrate with Kontrapunkt's existing suite of services, providing joint clients with a unique and creative brand experience. Together, we will create compelling visual experiences while staying true to our shared values in solid craftsmanship. By joining Kontrapunkt, we are ready to deliver exceptional work that exceeds expectations, bringing brands to life.

Chris Leon Juel, founder of Nothing

Especially the shared vision for compelling storytelling is something that made Kontrapunkt and Nothing a match perfect. Executive Creative Director at Kontrapunkt, Philip Linnemann, emphasises the junction as being the next step towards a broader international position:

We are thrilled to welcome Chris and the team, which will empower us to push the boundaries for our clients and bring their stories to life. By blending the impactful nature of motion design with our well-established strategic design approach, we can evoke emotions and breathe life into narratives. I am looking forward to delving into a world of limitless possibilities encompassing 2D and 3D animation, illustration, and beyond. The synergy with code and interaction, coupled with our commitment to crafting digital-first brand identities, positions us well among our competitors on the global stage.

Philip Linnemann, Executive Creative Director & Partner

Chris Leon Juel, April Lauring, Emiliano Flores and Nina Bakthiari Anderson will join the Copenhagen office by the end of May.

Stay updated about the union between Kontrapunkt and Nothing here at, as more work and thoughts will be shared in the following weeks.