A brave collaboration needs a brave design

The Intelligent Beer for Bicycle Enthusiasts — What do you call a yet unseen type of beer brewed uniquely for sports recovery? That was just one of the multiple questions we helped answer for the innovative collab between Carlsberg Research Laboratory and cycling-apparel brand Pas Normal Studios. Together, design and narrative were crafted and launched at a historic event: the first Tour De France Grand Départ in Copenhagen.

The Intelligent Beer
Fostering scientific discoveries through innovative beer brewing is vital to Carlsberg Research Laboratory’s DNA. A DNA passed on to the Laboratory’s newest creation — a natural non-alcoholic beer, with the attributes of a post-workout recovery drink, born from one ingredient: red barley, giving the fluid a reddish hue.

Red Recognition
Through an intelligent partnership with Pas Normal Studios, we were able to infuse the impeccable style of the cycling brand with the rich design and history of the Tour De France that would take place in Copenhagen for the first time.
Fueled from the science profile of Carlsberg Research Laboratory, we searched for matching narratives in the international cycling competition and found more than we could have hoped for.
One of which was the Dossard Rouge — a distinct red bib with white numbers, awarded by a panel of experts after every day of racing for the bravest and most competitive rider.

Hazardously Ballsy
The Dossard Rouge is for the one who stands out and bravely challenges oneself to raise the bar. Attributes, we believe hold striking similarities with the respective brands and the drink in our hand. Even the beverage's colour matches the graphic elements of the Dossard Rouge.
To mark the partnership of Carlsberg Research Laboratory and Pas Normal Studios, we developed a combined logo with Carlsberg’s hop leaf and Pas Normal’s logotype. They seamlessly work together in an elegant logo whilst being designed for flexible use of the hop leaf to encapsulate other potential partnerships in the future.

A Flat Country on Two Wheels
For the event of the Grand Départ in Copenhagen, Pas Normal Studios' flagship store was a suitable environment to launch the limited bottles. Dossard Rouge is the beer for bicycle enthusiasts – launched on the exact day the country of cyclists finally got acknowledged by the Tour de France.

Dress for the Occasion
Beyond the bottle, we activated the design for use on t-shirts, cycling clothes, a pin and social media to prolong the experience of a truly unique beverage, event and collaboration.

Ultimately celebrating brewing science, cycling culture and athletic bravery.


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Charlotte Madvig Schmidt