Connecting passengers across systems

The app MitTog is a logistic master, offering a seamless and user-friendly overview of train departures, S-tog traffic, and station updates spanning the entire country — a must have for any commuters who wants to stay updated on the go.

MitTog efficiently condenses all DOT screens, signal announcements, and general train journey updates into a pocket-sized solution. Notably, it bridges passengers across various rail systems, diverse information platforms, and ultimately connects people throughout Denmark. This app simplifies tracking your train journey, displaying your progress and estimated arrival time — updated from live data.

In 2020, Kontrapunkt crafted the design of the info screens on train platforms, which is the underlying design of the MitTog interface. We redesigned the app's structure and overall design to ensure cohesion across S-tog, regional trains, and platforms, creating a convenient gateway to station information on your mobile device. This way, you can have the latest updates about your train journey readily accessible in your pocket.

Functionality Foremost
The development of the redesign for the MitTog app was grounded in the principle of functionality. Designed to cater to regular commuters, the app seamlessly integrates into one‘s journey from point A to B and integrates into the overall design language of traffic information seen on platforms and information screens all across Denmark.

It becomes an extended companion throughout the daily commute, offering all necessary information precisely when needed — possibly even a train before the expected departure.