Cityringen is open

Written by

Line Kurtzweil

It was supposed to open in 2018, then the summer of 2019. And now, finally, it is happening. The new Copenhagen metro 'Cityringen' line is opening today in Copenhagen!

Kontrapunkt has helped with the layout and design of all signs at Cityringen - above and below ground. Our previous screen design work, is already rolled out on all the current metro stations and will also be found in the new Cityringen line. Furthermore, we have redesigned the metro map, which now includes the new notable circular line.

It is not every day you get the opportunity to redesign a map for a transportation service that connects more than 180.000 passengers and destinations each day. And designing the Cityringen circle just right, so it worked seamlessly with the already existing metro lines, was no easy task. We are proud of the outcome and look forward to seeing the map on all the 17 new stations, the already existing metro stations and in the Copenhagen landscape. Happy travels!

More on the case coming soon!