Design for the Danish Ministry of Defence

From the Danish Defence to the Danish Emergency Management Agency, every part of the Danish Ministry of Defence works for the same mission: security for Denmark and interests of the citizens.

We were approached with the challenge of creating a new visual identity that signals a collective and professional organisation that works together, yet is flexible enough for each part of the organisation to express itself. As a replacement for several different designs, design guides and forms that already existed in the large organisation, the project also aimed at creating a future cost effective design for the big organisation.

Through extensive workshops and interviews with members from different parts of the organisation, it was clear that balancing difference and cohesion was essential. Consequently, we created a new common crown as the central symbol in each logo and combined it with a unique circle for each unit while keeping a flexible colour palette.

To optimise the design for digital platforms and screens of different sizes, we also simplified the logos and designed a solid and strong custom typeface for wordmarks that is easy to read on small screens. Built on a monolithic brand architecture, the result pays homage to its heritage with a modern and professional look.

The design is rolled out on all platforms.

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Charlotte Madvig Schmidt

VJ, PR & Communications Manager

Charlotte Madvig Schmidt