We’re strengthening our board

Mari Randsborg brings a wealth of expertise and a fresh perspective to Kontrapunkt's board, enhancing the company's commitment to excellence in craftsmanship, innovation and organisational development.

The skilful board of Kontrapunkt values a blend of fresh perspectives alongside seasoned members familiar with the business. Our newest member is a talented mix of both.

We are thrilled to announce Mari Randsborg's appointment to our board. With a wealth of experience as CEO of e-Types and COBE, Mari has a valuable track record of nurturing creative agencies and successfully balancing creative and financial growth. One of many reasons Mari's contribution to the Kontrapunkt board is a good match.

CEO of Kontrapunkt, Johan Lawaetz, highlights the dual value of Mari's appointment:

I’m really pleased to welcome Mari onto our board. She brings valuable CEO experience from our industry, a global outlook, and experience taking Danish design abroad—just what we need for the next stage of Kontrapunkt’s development.

Johan Lawaetz, CEO & Partner Kontrapunkt

Mari Randsborg shares that her motivation for joining the Kontrapunkt board is driven by her passion for Danish Design:

For me, Kontrapunkt has always been one of the leading craftsmen in our industry. I started my design studies at the same time when Bo Linnemann drew the logo for Lego and started doing projects in Japan. It drew my attention to what it takes to make Danish design iconic and known worldwide — a discipline that I think Kontrapunkt indeed masters and still fulfils today. I am very proud to join such a great group of creatives and look forward to contributing to Kontrapunkt's journey in Denmark, Japan, the US, and beyond.

Mari Randsborg

Welcome to the Kontrapunkt family, Mari! We're pleased to embark on this journey with you as part of the Kontrapunkt family.

As of today, the Kontrapunkt board is made up of chairman Simon Bolton and six board members: Rafael Cifuentes, Senior Partner at Precis Digital; Mari Randsborg, CEO at COBE; Kontrapunkt Founding Partner Bo Linnemann; Executive Creative Director and Partner Philip Linnemann; Associate Client Director at Kontrapunkt, Nanna Knudsen; and Rasmus Michaëlis, Head of Type Design and partner at Kontrapunkt.