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Ørsted is one of the world's most sustainable energy companies. They don't have to imagine a world that runs on green energy— they're building right now, and you get to witness this transformative journey unfold firsthand! Enter the Ørsted Experience, a dynamic blueprint for a sustainable future brought to life through an immersive and interactive visualisation. Collaborating closely with Ørsted, we've crafted a digital map encapsulating their most impactful and hopeful initiatives. Within the Ørsted Experience, users are encouraged to explore this map, delving into the diverse array of initiatives propelling the green transition forward, whether in biodiversity, decarbonisation, or societal advancement. The Ørsted Experience presents an ideal world based on real-time solutions encouraging others to dream – It's a blue canvas guiding you through a visionary plan for a greener tomorrow.

Special thanks to

Eigil, Hakim, Philip, José, Nanna, Andre from Kontrapunkt.

Thank you to Surabhi, Dominic, Anders, Espen, Simon and the rest of the Ørsted team.

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