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    Farm to Me

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Farm to Me, a Tokyo-based establishment, strives to connect people with nature through a store, restaurants, and a bakery offering goods sourced directly from farmers. This unique concept not only shapes their business but also influences their visual identity and custom typeface. Crafted with a deep respect for rural simplicity, Farm to Me promotes a holistic approach to food consumption, emphasizing understanding the origins and journey of sustenance. Their custom typeface, inspired by nature's fluidity and farming's simplicity, reflects this philosophy with varying letter widths and extended terminals. The earthy color palette drawn from nature enhances the hands-on craftsmanship theme, harmonizing sensibility and rural homage in their visual identity. Overall, Farm to Me's visual identity aims at reflecting a bridge between consumers and nature's gifts, harmonizing sensibility and rural homage.

Special thanks to

Viktor, Laurits, Emil, Rasmus from Kontrapunkt.

The entire Farm to Me team.

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